Soñando Tango Marathon in Amsterdam

Takes place in a wonderful location at the waters of the IJ: the Kompaszaal. Respectful, warm, balanced between leaders and followers, nationalities and age groups. Bringing together friends old and new. Good DJ's are the heart and great dancing in a relaxed atmosphere.

Address: De Kompaszaal, KNSM-Laan 311, 1019 LE, Amsterdam, Netherlands



As on the previous editions, Kompaszaal will be the venue for this edition, right by the waters of the IJ river. Check the link on the name above to know more about this venue and its history. We will have a wooden dance floor assembled specifically for the event.

We are looking forward to offer an event in a beautiful location; convenient times, good provisions, nice atmosphere, experienced international DJ’s with a ‘feel’ for the dancers. We are happy to welcome an international group of dancers, from all regions, with a nice quality of dance and social behavior. This will create a nice ronda and a weekend to remember!


Parking is available on the street around the venue which costs €4.50 per hour on Friday and Saturday (between 9 am and 12pm). Day tickets are also available.

We recommend P&R Zeeburg as the cheapest and closest solution. You can park your car for €8 per 24 hours. If you arrive after 10.00 or during the weekend you pay only €1 per 24 hours. You can park for a maximum of 4 days.

DJ Team

dj francesco cieschi

Francesco Cieschi/Italy

Francesco is an Italian dancer, teacher, performer, and musicalizador for Argentine Tango living in Berlin. In the last twelve years he has worked and traveled in Europe, Asia and South America, collaborating with many prominent artistic personalities at the most important tango events. He is a recognized Tango DJ with international fame. Basing his sets on a repertoire of Golden Age hits, his knowledge of the music and understanding of the dancers, being himself a very active milonguero, enables him to produce energetic sets of enjoyment and passion.

dj sonja zivanovic

Sonja Zivanovic/Serbia

Sonja has been Djing all around Europe for the last 10 years: at marathons, festivals, and local milongas. She uses a wide range of popular tango music, and brings lots of passion, playfulness and tenderness. As a DJ she tries to feel the people and their mood, to follow and lead them at the same time. And then, when we can not really say anymore who leads and who follows, the real magic happens: DJ, dancers, and the music itself become one.

dj alex hawat

Alex Hawat/Lebanon

Since 2012, I’ve dedicated myself to the art of tango DJing, focusing on enriching the milonga experience. My approach goes beyond mere music selection; it’s about crafting narratives that encourage every dancer to express themselves fully through each tanda and cortina. I strive for a seamless musical journey from the start of the milonga to its end, creating an atmosphere where the music speaks to each individual, fostering a deep connection between the dancers and the rhythms of tango. This philosophy has guided me to DJ in various settings, connecting with diverse audiences and bringing the essence of tango to life on the dance floor.

dj paulo matos

Paulo Matos/Portugal

What to expect? Traditional tango music, mostly focused on the golden age (late 30s and 40s) with occasional deviations for earlier or later periods. Tango for him is a journey of search driven by deep feelings, a quest to match music and dance, a way to build connections between partners and the ronda. He has been playing in local milongas and international events in Portugal, Spain, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Uruguay and South Korea.

dj santiago onel

Santiago Onel/Uruguay

Santiago is originally from Uruguay, where he started with tango 21 years ago. Since then, he has been active as dancer, teacher, and DJ in different countries. He is currently living in the Netherlands, where he regularly musicalizes. He believes that tango (including DJing) is a never-ending learning process. His musical choices always look to touch the heart of the milongueros and milongueras and keep them on the dance floor.

Price and Registration

Register Now

Marathon includes: International dancers, 100% role-balanced, wooden dance floor, snacks and water


Full Package - €170

  • 30+ hours of dancing
  • Six international DJs
  • Event begins Fri 15 Nov at 18:00
  • Event ends Sun 17 Nov at 00:00


Stayokay Amsterdam Oost

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Stayokay Hostel Amsterdam Zeeburg is at 10 minutes biking distance to the marathon venue. (Stayokay supplies the bikes.) Or you can use bus 65 which also takes 10 minutes. From Amsterdam Central Station, you can reach the hostel using public transportation in 20 minutes.

Organization managed to guarantee a 10% discount over normal price, for 2-days minimum stay, on period October 14-17. If you need more days do a separate reservation. To get that you need to click above on hotel name and use coupon code SONANDO.


For Airbnb, you can check hosts around Kompaszaal.


You can further consider the following accommodation options ‐ you might get discounts on some of them while booking directly.

Public Transportation

Note that, with the aid of public transportation, you can increase your options for accommodation. Kompaszaal, the venue for the event, is close to several public transportation stops, as in, tram 7 and buses 48 and 65; and the night bus 759. You can find even more options for public transportation with the application, which is a daily source of travel information for public transport for all kinds of passengers.

Previous Events: Soñando 2019

Please note that:

There will be a photographer documenting the event.

If you dont want your photo taken and/or published, please just let us know and we will take care of that.

The Dream Team