Soñando Tango Marathon suspended due to Corona

Unfortunately Soñando Tango Marathon is suspended due to Corona.
But Soñando Marathon will be back when conditions allow, so stay tuned!

Soñando Tango Marathon in Amsterdam

Under normal circumstances Soñando Tango Marathon takes place in a wonderful location at the waters of the IJ: the Kompaszaal. Respectful, warm, balanced between leaders and followers, nationalities and age groups, bringing together friends old and new. Good DJ's are the heart and great dancing in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are looking forward to offer an event in a beautiful location again as soon as possible; convenient times, good provisions, nice atmosphere, experienced international DJ’s with a ‘feel’ for the dancers. We are happy to welcome an international group of dancers, from all regions, with a nice quality of dance and social behavior. This will create a nice ronda and a weekend to remember!

De Kompaszaal, KNSM-Laan 311, 1019 LE, Amsterdam, Netherlands



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